About SETT

Attractive exhibition

In the exhibition at SETT you get to meet people who represent the latest products and services in innovative and digital learning. About 100 exhibitors are on site to provide information on literature, computers, software, interior design, education and more. All to facilitate the world of school and preschool!

Inspirational lectures

The conference program at SETT provides inspiration directly from teachers, preschool teachers, leisure teachers, educators, school leaders and suppliers who have experience of changing the way schools and preschools learn. Changes where modern communication played a major role. The content is presented through inspirational seminars, lectures and even more practical workshops. All in order to give you new interesting ideas on how you can practically and concretely develop both yourself and your school in new exciting directions.

Choose lectures on site

You do not pre-register for specific lectures but instead decide which speakers you want to listen to. Note that you must have a conference ticket for the track you want to participate on.

In addition to the conference, there is an active exhibition floor where exhibitors invite you to lectures, workshops, discussions and more!

Choose which track you want to participate in

Choose between the Kindergarten and School track or the Leadership and School Development track. You can also choose to register only as visitors to the exhibition. Then you get free access to the exhibition itself, but not to the lectures.

SETT’s story

SETT stands for “Scandinavian Education Technology Transformation” and is Scandinavia’s largest trade fair and conference for modern and innovative learning. Since its inception in Stockholm 2012, SETT has had a formidable growth and success. Last year, there were more than 8,000 visitors to the conference in Stockholm. The SETT conference aims to highlight the foremost in digital (and other) tools for learning and development in the school.


Easyfairs is part of Europe’s largest trade show company Easyfairs Group and organizes about 50 own fairs each year in Sweden. Artexis runs two of the country’s most modern trade shows – Kistamässan, MalmöMässan and Åbymässan. Since its inception in 2008, Kistamässan in Stockholm has established itself as a modern meeting place for trade shows and external events, with a total area of ​​15,000 square meters. The MalmöMässan in Hyllie has a 20,000 square meter facility and is primarily intended for trade shows and congresses, but is also suitable for events that require larger indoor areas. Åbymässan is located in the same location as Åby Arena in Mölndal. This is a brand new destination for meetings and experiences with 10,500 square meters of exhibition space. 

Meet In Grid is a production company that creates modern arenas for learning and change. Our passion and drive is the power of learning. We believe in magical encounters – it interferes with other changes happening and is amplified.


The municipality of Oslo is Norway’s largest school owner, and the Oslo School consists of almost 90,000 pupils and apprentices, and over 15,000 employees. The Education Agency’s area of ​​responsibility includes primary school, upper secondary education, adult education, special education and vocational training. The agency is also responsible for the Oslo Akershus Technical School, educational-psychological service, the Activity School and the Oslo Summer School. 

With more than 180,000 members, the Education Association is Norway’s second largest trade union and by far the largest in the education system. Our most important task is to work to ensure that children, young people and adults receive a good quality education. We do this by jointly safeguarding the interests of members in terms of pay and working conditions, and in matters of professional and educational policy.

Lørenskog municipality consists of 13 schools and 19 municipal kindergartens. In total, there are over 4000 children and pupils divided between kindergarten and school. In Lørenskog municipality, targeted project work is being done to achieve good implementation of technology in the educational institutions.

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